My Approach

In the past ten years, my work in the mental health field has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with a very eclectic and diverse range of human experiences. I have been privileged to learn from a variety of individuals and their life concerns, and am now very pleased to bring that experience to my own practice.


My therapeutic background has been broad in scope, as I have worked with adults and children with personal issues ranging from mild to severe, both short term and in depth.


I have worked with some of the most at-risk and severely emotionally disturbed children and their families in the Los Angeles area providing individual, family and group psychotherapy. This has led me to work extensively with families who are in the process of adopting children, custody battle, and probation. Along this path, I have also worked with clients struggling with addiction at Bay Area Addiction and Research Treatment, counseling patients in Methadone Maintenance Program.


Many of the issues I have encountered and described above have their origins in depression and anxiety, and the efforts that people have made to work through these very painful life situations. My work in residential treatment facilities with those who have been severely affected by these issues has brought me a deep understanding and respect for the impact that depression and anxiety can have on daily life. I am committed to helping people suffering from these conditions work through them and create the lives they deserve.


In individual and family therapy, I formulate a therapeutic assessment based on your needs. My solutions-focused and strength-based approach includes working collaboratively with clients to seek and address their goals. Therapy can help individuals feel empowered, allow couples a more rewarding relationship, and enable families feel more cohesive. My goal is to continue to help clients discover their inner capacity for growth and change through our therapeutic relationship. Some areas that I often focus on include: increased self-awareness, improving self-esteem, conflict resolution, inner child work, and personal empowerment.


I welcome any inquiries and appreciate your interest!